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  • Major issues
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    BASIS Steering committee
    Gerry Bomotti, Gene Buckley, Dick Cottrill, Tom Dorre, David Holmes, David Martinson, Susan Unger, and Bob Zimmerman


    W. David Wimberly


    Colleen Briney
    William Rains
    BASIS II project file


    BASIS II status report

    I plan to prepare monthly status reports to keep the committee informed of issues and activities related to the BASIS II project. I hope you will find these informative and helpful.


    The project kickoff meeting was held on January 29th and was attended by 17 anxious and excited people, representing Business Affairs, Financial Affairs and Computing Services. The high level of enthusiasm and support exhibited by these participants was very encouraging. The general issues and considerations for a new system were discussed and included a brief review of items that were prepared by Financial Affairs (which we will be referring to throughout the project). The immediate scope of the project was defined to be the development of new Requisition/Purchasing and Accounts Payable systems and any necessary changes to the fringes of General Ledger. A re-write of General Ledger will follow the implementation of the new Purchasing and Payables systems.

    Several additional meetings have been held in order to grasp the basic requirements of the new systems, to understand the current operations, and generally to develop a feel and understanding of the big picture. Written summaries documenting these meetings and the kick off meeting have been or are being prepared and can be made available. The additional meetings have included:


    A meeting with the Agriculture Experiment Station to discuss their needs and operation, focusing primarily on the distributed entry concept and project accounting.


    A walk through of the Accounts Payable operation. Due to the complex nature of much of the processing this served only as an overview. More time will need to be spent discussing details here.

    2/04 & 05

    A walk through of the Purchasing operation including discussion of procedures, forms and exceptions and observation of APS.


    An in depth presentation of the Bookstore operation and discussion of some of their problems.


    A presentation of the Library operation in which they provided reams of documentation. This is another rather complex operation which will be undergoing significant change with the implementation of their new computer and packaged application.

    2/12 & 14

    A meeting with Business Affairs and Financial Affairs to discuss data and processing requirements associated with vendors. We feel we have a very good handle on these requirements.


    A meeting with Business Affairs and Financial Affairs to discuss receiving and specifically to explore the option of departmental receiving.


    A walk through of the Travel operation and discussion of regulations and opportunities for automation.


    A walk through of the procedures and functions performed by Research Accounting.

    In conjunction with and as a result of these formal meetings, the Computing Services project team has held many discussions, performed independent research, and begun to formulate some general system concepts. Conceptual vendor and vendor address files have also been defined.

    Limited progress has also been made regarding TARGET (formerly named DETER). Modifications to the Transaction Approval & Review Gateway via Electronic Transmission (TARGET) proposal were made based upon previous input and a Revsion 1 document was released. This is scheduled for review by the committee on March 4th. There was also a meeting held within Computing Services which included BASIS I and BASIS II team members to discuss TARGET concepts and system design issues.

    Progress has also been made in several technical areas which will serve as the base for building our applications. These have included:

    These areas are being addressed now so that they will be in place when program development starts. These changes will be implemented by our team technical representative. A personnel reassignment has been made for this functional position, Kathryn Cantrell replaced Mary Neligh. This change is not expected to have any adverse impact on the project.

    Major issues

    Based upon the information gathered to date, I would identify the following as the major issues we will be dealing with:


    The project team is feeling its way through the maze of processes and procedures currently being employed and catching glimmers of the system to be. Once the broad base of facts have been gathered, we will begin to formulate an overall design of the system. Activities expected to be performed in the coming month include:

    1. Continue meeting and conducting walk throughs in central and key areas such as: the Treasurer's Office, Cooperative Extension Service, and Physical Plant. There are possibly other areas we should also be planning to visit.

    2. Begin a more detail review and develop a more complete understanding for items and activities such as: vouchers, credit memos, term contracts, disbursing, and accounting entries needed.

    3. Consult with departmental representatives regarding some of the basic concepts we plan to incorporate into our system so that we may discover any oversights early.

    4. Begin to document the overall system at a high level including many of the basic requirements.

    5. Present our vendor files for review and comment. This will also allow us to begin educating Business Affairs and Financial Affairs representatives in our methods of documenting Adabas files.

    6. Incorporate enhancements to the NSM application framework.

    Please feel free to raise any questions or concerns prompted by this report. Frequent and open communication will be required to accomplish the task at hand.