Table of Contents

  • Leave Accounting
  • General Journal Interface Module (GJIM)
  • Personal Services Budget (PSB)
  • University Procurement System (UPS)
  • Hourly Time Sheets
  • Travel Authorizations
  • NSM/Program Generator



    BASIS Steering committee
    Gene Buckley, Dick Cottrill, Tom Dorre, David Whitmire, David Martinson, and Bob Zimmerman


    W. David Wimberly


    Bill Moody, Colleen Briney, Bill Overby and William Rains
    BASIS-L discussion lists


    Computing Services BASIS April Status

    The CAUCUS '94 Conference was a great success and we greatly appreciate all the assistance we received and the allowance to spend our time on this important event. I only regret that more UA personnel were not able to participate. With renewed vigor, me and my staff will now be able to return our full attention to BASIS.

    Leave Accounting

    Usage of the Leave Accounting System seems to be going smoothly although problems and enhancements continue to emerge. The following should be a complete list.

    Future activity in the Leave area will include addressing the problem created by skipping weeks, providing other necessary support for the production system, and identifying design changes necessary for COOP and hourly time reporting. I no longer consider the federal Family Leave Bill an issue for this system since no requirements have been identified.

    General Journal Interface Module (GJIM)

    GJIM continued to be the subject of minor changes and enhancements throughout March:

    We also reviewed Joe's GJIM Quick Reference Card, updated our own GJIM System Overview, placed the GJIM extract job in production, and altered the MSA fund explosion job to accept GJIM documents. Lastly, we commented out all specialized TARGET routing criteria and dummied these so that all transactions will be reviewed by the Controller. This code will be switched back to its correct state when the system is turned on for use campus wide.

    The only outstanding item relates to some discussion regarding a list facility to allow the Treasurer to identify specific GJIM documents.

    Personal Services Budget (PSB)

    There was no activity during March on this application.

    University Procurement System (UPS)

    There was no activity during March on UPS. We still need to review with Purchasing and Accounts Payable staff the modifications made in January and the concept of processing vendor name changes as TARGET transactions.

    Hourly Time Sheets

    ADABAS files have been defined for this application and some of the earlier prototype programs have been converted to use these files. The Wage Rate maintenance routine was also modified to incorporate the necessary TARGET processing features, but is not complete. One stumbling block here is the need to accept Wage Rates for employees not yet on MSA (or anywhere within our systems). It goes against our grain to accept unverifiable data, but it will be a requirement in this circumstance. We will need to develop a method to follow up on these to ensure that these people (SSN and name) become active employees on MSA or their wage rate is inactivated.

    Travel Authorizations

    The only March progress on this application was some documentation updates and refinements that were made to the data definitions.

    NSM/Program Generator

    A problem has been identified in all BASIS systems where some of the "banner key fields" are not properly restored after suspending to another function. This problem only occurs on fields like dates where we allow the input in various formats and translate that to the correct internal program format. This makes the systems more "user friendly" but has certainly presented numerous coding challenges. Several solutions have been identified but we would like to take our time here to make sure we make the best decision.

    In the area of desk-based security, Kathryn and I conducted yet one more "desk management" training class. Unfortunately we only had three attendees this time. We are planning another class for May. For desk-based security and TARGET routing to be successful we need to have most departments performing the desk management function. We need to find some way to push this and get more participation.


    Two new list functions were developed for the TARGET administration system. One lists the various TARGET processing commands and can be used to select these applications and commands in order to suspend to the second list. The second list will then display any transactions of that application and command that have been pending longer than is considered normal (based upon a parameter maintained within the TARGET administration system).

    Two new functions were also created by splitting the maintenance performed by previous commands. This allows security to be defined so that the Computing Services technical staff can be provided update access to those components of the system that are appropriate without also giving update access to information that is the responsibility of the TARGET administrator. In conjunction with this change, the menus of the TARGET application were restructured to accommodate the new commands.

    Other miscellaneous "To Dos" for TARGET include long term transaction management (archiving, purging, and printing), investigation of an e-mail facility, and an update to Computing Services' documentation.

    Please feel free to raise any questions or concerns prompted by this report.