Table of Contents

  • Leave Accounting
  • General Journal Interface Module (GJIM)
  • Personal Services Budget (PSB)
  • University Procurement System (UPS)
  • Hourly Time Sheets
  • Travel Authorizations
  • NSM/Program Generator



    BASIS Steering committee
    Gene Buckley, Dick Cottrill, Tom Dorre, David Whitmire, David Martinson, and Bob Zimmerman


    W. David Wimberly


    Bill Moody, Colleen Briney, David Keith, and Bill Overby
    BASIS-L discussion lists


    Computing Services BASIS April Status

    The CAUCUS '94 Conference was a great success and we appreciate all the assistance we received and the allowance to spend our time on this important event. I only regret that more UA personnel were not able to participate. With a great deal of stress off our minds and our load lightened, my staff and I will now be able to return our full attention to BASIS.

    Leave Accounting

    Usage of the Leave Accounting System seems to be going smoothly although problems and proposals for enhancement continue to emerge. The following should be a complete list of these items.

    1. The problem in using WKLV and skipping a week with a holiday remains, although we feel we have a solution identified.

    2. Monthly Balance screen 2 was showing leave without pay under the catastrophic leave category. This error was corrected.

    3. Some employees who were not eligible for extra time were sometimes being considered as eligible in MNLV. This resulted in their 'accrual' of comp time for holidays and 'charging' of comp time for holidays. If they were then updated on MB, the result was they were charged for comp time but lost the corresponding accrual. This error was corrected and special programs were written to identify employees adversely affected by this problem. Human Resources performed a manual update on this group to correct their balances.

    4. There has been a request from the field to retain all company cost centers specified during EXTM's over time processing, and carry these values over to the next employee's over time record. Human Resources is evaluating the need and value of this feature versus the potential problem that someone may unknowingly carryover the wrong distribution.

    5. The monthly batch reports job failed because a total field was not large enough. This error was corrected.

    6. An old and incorrect version of the program that generates the overtime transactions for MSA was in production and was executed. Human Resources immediately discovered this error after the load/validate. The version problem was diagnosed, new correct overtime transactions were generated, and an extra load/validate was run at noon. This problem aside, the overtime processing through BASIS went very smoothly, which is a real credit considering this overtime period included a record number of transactions due to the March snow days.

    7. The leave balances appearing on employees' check stubs for approximately half the university population were not updated with March balances (they still had February balances) because a test version of that program was left in production. The test version had a 2000 record limit in place and merely quit generating MSA update transactions after the first 2000 SSNs. This error has also been corrected.

    8. The special exception of charging an employee's vacation balance instead of comp time when the vacation balance exceeds 240 hours is not working. The intent is to ensure that an employee is not penalized by losing vacation at the end of the year because accrued comp time was charged and not the over 240 hour vacation balance. The problem has technically been fixed in our test environment, but now there are some related questions that have arisen and we are awaiting feedback from Human Resources before proceeding.

    9. The monthly synchronization program that pulls new employees from MSA into the Leave system has been missing some employees. We have diagnosed the problem as faulty logic in an algorithm I had provided to Katrina. In the process of making this fix, we discovered a problem where some employees' eligibilities for leave were not being removed. We have made code corrections for both problems and executed a test SYNC run with April production data. Output from this test has been provided to Human Resources for their review and verification.

    10. The Average Monthly Leave report has been requested to be changed so that 'Comp Time Used' excludes any holiday charges. Techniques for accomplishing this are being investigated.

    11. A change has been requested for the Budgetary Units Without Leave report. It is desired that this report only include budgetary units that have absolutely no leave reported during the month as opposed to those that have no leave reported through the end of the month.

    12. We continue to work on a routine to force holidays into a closed month in which the current extra time period starts.

    13. There remains a need to list OTA and MB Target transactions by their data base keys (BU/Month and SSN/Month respectively) so that these can be located by a means other than LTRS.

    14. The Family Leave Bill will apparently necessitate some changes within the BASIS Leave Accounting system, although it is still uncertain exactly what those changes will be. This is not considered a priority item at this time.

    In addition to the above development activities, Coop is continuing to enter December balances in preparation for entering the January leave data for their central office. This will allow them to better understand and evaluate the BASIS Leave system.

    General Journal Interface Module (GJIM)

    There were no changes requested to GJIM during April! Further, from what I have heard, the production use of this system within Financial Affairs has gone great and it is already allowing the lookup of information online versus digging through file cabinets. I also understand that default inquiry only access to GJIM has been provided to anyone with a CICS ID.

    Computing Services activities during April included:

    The only outstanding item relates to some discussion regarding a list facility to allow the Treasurer to identify specific GJIM documents.

    Personal Services Budget (PSB)

    There was no activity during April on this application.

    University Procurement System (UPS)

    There was no activity during April on UPS. During May, we plan to review with Purchasing and Accounts Payable staff the modifications made in January and the concept of processing vendor name changes as TARGET transactions. We also hope to do some one-on-one orientation and training with David Keith, the new BASIS liaison from Business Affairs.

    Hourly Time Sheets

    No progress was made in the development of the Hourly Time Sheet entry sub-system during April. There is an important issue that does need to be decided, however. Human Resources would like to require that the W4 and I9 be received before a Wage Rate or Hourly Time be permitted to be entered. This is a significant change from current practice and thus would require top level management support. Becky Shoemaker will discuss this further with Dick Cottrill. If they still wish to pursue it, Dick will need to take the issue to the BASIS Steering Committee for discussion and support. If this approach is not acceptable, there are significant system design implications as reported last month.

    We are also still waiting for Financial Aid to test a prototype hourly time entry screen for work study employees. We need feedback so that we don't pour resources into a design and approach that will not be acceptable.

    Travel Authorizations

    No progress was made in this area during April. During May, Sandra plans to present an overview of this system including data definitions and screen layouts. She will also be developing data flows and defining the necessary system interfaces.

    NSM/Program Generator

    Solutions to the problem reported last month where some "banner key fields" are not properly restored after suspending to another function are currently being investigated. Appropriate fixes should be in place by the end of May.

    Another "desk management" training class has been scheduled for May 16th. We would like to have a full class to reduce the number of these sessions we are required to conduct. So, if anyone is interested in assuming the role of desk administrator for his/her department, please contact me. For desk-based security and TARGET routing to be successful we need to have most departments performing the desk management function.

    Our data base administrator has requested an additional list function that would identify who the desk administrators are for a selected budgetary unit. This will require accessing all NSM-MS value security definitions and thus will be an inefficient use of ADABAS. However, due to the critical need to look this information up online, we will proceed with the development of this function.

    An error was discovered in one model of our program generator that caused an error when a copy action was requested that would result in an add. This has been corrected.


    Some of the enhancements made to this application in March have not yet been placed into production pending some minor clean-up. These should be implemented in early May. We will also be working to develop a new list function that will permit reviewing all Company Cost Centers and the reviewers established for those centers via the CBCC criteria type.

    Other miscellaneous "To Dos" for TARGET include long term transaction management (archiving, purging, and printing), investigation of an e-mail facility, and an update to Computing Services' documentation.

    Please feel free to raise any questions or concerns prompted by this report.