BASIS II Excerpts from David Wimberly's January/February 1992 Memos to Bob Zimmerman

January 6, 1992


The recruiting effort for an additional person for the BASIS II project team was aborted due to budgetary constraints. Sandra Twiggs was appointed internally to fill this role. Time was spent in December orienting Paul Bixby to our operation and providing background material regarding our accounting systems and procedures. Sandra and Paul will act as lead analysts for the accounts payable and purchasing components of the project and Mary Neligh will provide technical and program support functions. System analysis for these modules will get under way following the Natural class currently in progress.

A proposal was developed and presented to the BASIS Steering Committee for the Distributed Electronic Transaction Entry and Review system. This is not a true standalone system, but rather a general framework for the development of applications that would employ distributed data entry and electronic approval. The response from the committee was very encouraging and two areas have already provided specific comments on the document. The proposed system will be discussed in detail at future meetings.

February 3, 1992


The BASIS II project is underway. We have had our kickoff meeting and one follow up meeting to date. There will be many meetings to follow. The users are all enthusiastic and excited about the prospects of building a new system. User management is very supportive and committed to the project. This provides a great environment for us to work in and will be key to the success of the project. Now it's time to get down and dirty.

The proposal made to the BASIS Steering Committee for the Distributed Electronic Transaction Entry and Review system has been very well received. The one exception is the name, they wish to see a more positive and upbeat name for the system/project. Two meetings have been held to discuss the proposal in depth and papers regarding similar systems from Boston College and the University of California system have been distributed. Suggested changes have been made to the proposal which will be distributed as Revision 1 once a new name is decided. The DETER concept has become a critical component of the new BASIS applications.