Information for Families




We are happy that you will come to Spring International Language Center at the University of Arkansas. This will be an exciting time for you and your family. We want to offer our support in helping you bring your family to America with you as you study, and to encourage you to begin planning early.


Below are some questions that families often have:






Family-related Questions and Answers


Q: Where can I live with my family?A:  Apartments are the best option. University dorms and American host families do not have the spacefor an entire family. However, Fayetteville has many good apartments to choose from.Q: How do I choose an apartment?A:  There are many things to consider... • Is the apartment near school?• Is the apartment near shopping?• Is the apartment near a bus stop?• Does it come with furniture?• Does the price include utilities?• Will my family be happy living in this location?Q: How do I find an apartment?A:  Some students wait until they arrive in Fayetteville to find an apartment, however you can also searchon the internet. Below are a few Websites that can help you find a good place to live. http://www.sweetserproperties.comThis company rents to many international studentshttp://offcampushousing.uark.eduThis is an apartment database run by the University of Arkansashttp://fayar.craigslist.orgThis website lets individual people sell and trade products. There are often apartments andhouses for rent.Q: How do I get to school or go shopping? Do I need a car?A:  Owning a car is not required to get places in Fayetteville. There is a free bus system that has stopsat most apartment complexes and major shopping areas. All buses will take you to the University ofArkansas.  Below is a link to the Website for the bus system. If both parents will attend school, who can watch our children?A:  Very young children will need to go to a day care if there is not someone to stay at home withthem. Older children (Above 5 years) must attend school. Below are two links that can help youfind a daycare for your young child. 72701 in the box that says “zip code,” select the age of your children and click search. find a preschool you can visit this link.Q: Where would my children go to school?A:  You can find more information about schools in Fayetteville at the following Website:

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