Travel Information

Once you have been admitted and granted a visa, you will want to make your travel arrangements by following the steps below:

Useful Links


Please visit the U.S. Custom and Border Protection (CBP)'s Travel Page for International Visitors and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)'s Information for Travelers to learn more about what you can do to make your arrival as stress-free as possible. At these sites, you'll be able to learn about:


Prohibited Items

Restrictions on Liquid & Gel Items

Know Before You Go

TSA General FAQ

TSA Travel Tips

TSA Traveler Checklist


Information for those with:


Disabilities and Medical



  • STEP ONE - Buying Your Plane Ticket

    When buying your plane ticket, the airport you will want to arrive at is Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (Airport Code: XNA).


    Please DO NOT plan to arrive any earlier than 1-2 days before the start of your session.  Spring International staff may not be readily available to assist you.

  • STEP TWO - Sending Your Arrival Information

    After you have purchased your plane ticket, please fill out our Arrival Information form.  We need this information as soon as possible.


    Email the form to  You may also fax the form to +1-479-575-7673.

  • STEP THREE - Preparing for Fayetteville

    Make sure to pack appropriate clothing.  You will experience all four seasons in Fayetteville.  The weather during the summer months (June-August) has an average high near 30 °C, yet may reach above 38 °C.  The average low temperature during the winter months (December-February) will average near to -3 °C.


    Check to see what items you can and cannot bring.  Please take the time to look at the websites listed to the right so that you will know what items you should leave at home.


    Bring travel adapters for your electronic devices.  If you are bringing a computer or other device from your home country, make sure you will be able to use it in the United States.  Buy an adapter for your electrical plug in your home country or at your Port of Entry.  These adapters may not be immediately available once you arrive in Fayetteville.

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