SEVIS I-901 Fee

The purpose of the SEVIS I-901 Fee is to support the program office and the automated system that keeps track of students and exchange visitors and ensures that they maintain their status while in the United States. The SEVIS I-901 Fee MUST be paid BEFORE your visa interview appointment.  Proof of payment will be required at the visa interview.  You must bring your receipt to the interview and carry it with your I-20 when you travel to the United States.



COST:  $200 USD




1.  By Internet at  (at least 3 days before you go to your

    visa interview appointment).

Complete Form I-901 online and pay by credit or debit card.

Print your receipt to take to the visa interview.


2.  By Western Union Quick Pay (provides immediate proof of payment).

Pay with cash in your local currency at any participating Western Union location.

Visit the webpage at ICE site for specific



3.  By Mail (allow at least 33 days for mailing and processing with Air Mail option or at least 14

    days with Expedited Delivery by Courier).

You may download and print the I-901 form and instructions for payment by mail at

You must include payment by check or money order in U.S. dollars and drawn on a bank

  located in the U.S.

Send by Air Mail or Expedited Delivery by Courier for an additional fee of $30.00.


4.  By Spring International Language Center (SILC).

Submit the $200 SEVIS fee payment to SILC.

SILC will pay the SEVIS Fee for you online and email the receipt to you.

In order for SILC to handle this process for you, we must have both the SILC application

   fee of $125 and the SEVIS fee of $200 (Total $325).


5.  A friend or relative may pay the fee for you using any of the above options.  You must have the

    receipt BEFORE your visa interview appointment.


NOTE:  This fee CANNOT be paid at the U.S. Embassy.  It must be paid by one of the five methods above.



Please visit the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement webpage for further information about the I-901 SEVIS fee.

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