Student Life

Spring International students are mostly university-level students who come from many different countries around the world. More than half of our students are graduate students preparing for their Master's or Doctor's degrees. In this current term alone, more than thirty different countries are represented by our student population.


In addition to their regular intensive English courses, our students have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities, from student government to wonderful recreational activities, all designed to help them improve their English as quickly and as enjoyably as possible!


To learn more about our location, the university, and what life may be like for you here in Fayetteville, please be sure to visit the following pages:


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Spring International Language Center (SILC) at the University of Arkansas is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) and continues to uphold the highest standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation is recognized by the United States Department of Education. SILC is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.