Bioarchaeology of North Jordan

Wadi Natfieh 2007

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Wadi Natfieh



The 13th season of the joint Bioarchaeology of North Jordan project continued the search for and excavation of tombs along the eastern escarpment of Wadi Natfieh, just southwest of Irbid City (Irbid District) between 620 and 695 meters above sea level.  The 2007 field season was the second season at Wadi Natfieh for the project co-sponsored by the University of Arkansas and Yarmouk University.  The research goals for this season were: 1) to locate and excavate single person horizontal shaft tomb; 2) ascertain the dating of this tomb type; 3) reconstruct the burial program for the people buried in these tombs.

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Wadi Natfieh near Irbid, JordanText Box: University of Arkansas Department of Anthropology

Yarmouk University Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology

The Department of Antiquities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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