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It is important that you keep your advisor informed of any changes in address, email address and telephone number. It is frequently necessary to contact predental students on short notice. All announcements, scheduled events, and deadlines are now distributed by email so it is imperative that we have your email address.
I have sign-up sheets for appointments to see me for predental advising always posted on the bulletin board next to the entrance to the Anthropology Department Office at Old Main 330. Come by and sign up for a time slot and that is your appointment. I will be waiting for you in my office at Old Main 340.
There is a student Dental Society on campus and you are encouraged to join and participate. This is an entirely student-run club for all people interested in teeth and dentistry. The officers send out notices of their meetings by email. It is important to get your address to them. Keep in mind that all dental school applications ask if you have belonged to a predental club while in college.


Although many students major in Chemistry or Biology, a predental student may major in any subject such as Anthropology, French, Mathematics, Sociology, etc. In fact, Dental Schools encourage a broad education and majoring in Zoology or Chemistry will not provide an admission advantage. You should choose the major that you want or are interested in.



*Sign-up sheets for appointments for Pre-dental advising always posted next to the door of the Anthropology office, Old Main 330. Come by and sign up for a time with Dr. Rose.





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