Welcome to my webpage!


I am Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arkansas.


Current and Previous Positions Held:



More academic information can be found in my CV.


Research at a glance:

My research area is Commutative Algebra and its interactions with Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics.

More specifically, I have research interests in liaison, residual intersections, Hilbert functions, homological invariants (e.g. projective dimension), multiplicity theory, associated graded rings, and combinatorial algebra.


More details can be found in my research interests page.


Teaching at a glance:

Teaching is an invaluable and essential component of my professional life. It gives me the opportunity of sharing with the students the ideas and beauty of Mathematics. At the same time, I keep learning from the students different perspectives and new approaches to the subject. Their questions, comments, intuitions, observations and ideas play a crucial role in my professional and human growth.


More information about my teaching can be found in my dedicated page.