Research Interests.

Broadly speaking, my mathematical interests are in Commutative Algebra and its interactions with Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics.

More in details, I am working or have worked in the following topics:

  • Liaison theory,
  • Hilbert functions,
  • Stillman's question,
  • Harbourne-Huneke conjecture, Chudnovsky's conjecture and Eisenbud-Mazur conjecture
  • symbolic (and regular) powers of ideals,
  • Sally's Conjecture,
  • minimal free resolutions and homological invariants: syzygies, projective dimension, arithmetical rank, ...
  • residual intersections and j-multiplicity,
  • ideals of points in projective space,
  • combinatorial structures associated to (square-free) monomial ideals,
  • formulas or bounds for projective dimension, regularity and arithmetical rank of monomial ideals



At this link you can find my curriculum vitae .



Here you can find a list of my papers.



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